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Get practical help to manage your risk and avoid malpractice claims with our risk management resources.

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Creating a social media policy and strategy can help chiropractors safeguard their patients and practice from common risks.

Risk Solutions

How proper planning can help chiropractic practices comply with HIPAA requirements when transferring patient information.

Risk Solutions

Before making scheduling decisions based on a patient’s ability to pay, chiropractors should consider the patient’s health, regulations, and contractual agreements.

Risk Solutions

Planning for sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviors from patients can help create a safe place for chiropractors and their staff, without disrupting patient care.

Helpful Resources

Get tips to help you and your practice manage risk with these free resources.

How to Handle Patients Who Cancel — 7 Tips to Keep You in Control

Chiropractic Burnout: What to Look For, What to Do About It

Occurrence or Claims-Made Malpractice Coverage

Understanding the Cost of Malpractice Insurance for Chiropractors

What to Know Before Starting a Chiropractic Associateship

Tips for Hiring a Chiropractic Associate

9 Steps to Starting Your Own Chiropractic Practice

How to Buy Malpractice Insurance for Chiropractors

Password Security Best Practices for Chiropractic Practices

Password Security Best Practices for Chiropractic Practices

Reducing Risks Associated With Patient Handoffs

Electronic Health Records and Disaster Recovery for Chiropractic Practices

Tips and Strategies for De-Escalating Aggressive, Hostile, or Violent Patients

15 Ways Chiropractic Practices Can Build a Strong Security Culture

Educating Staff on Infection Prevention and Control

Record Retention Basics for Healthcare Practices

Terminating a Chiropractor—Patient Relationship

Screening New Patients for Potentially Problematic Behavior

Risk Considerations for Using Surveillance Cameras in Chiropractic Practices

Guideline: Refunds & Waivers

Electronic Health Records: Patient Safety and Liability Concerns

How Staff Education Can Improve Quality and Enhance Patient Safety and Experience

Informed Refusal: A Review

Addressing Parent Accountability with Pediatric Patients

Managing Negative Online Reviews From Patients

Coding & Billing Compliance

Promoting Patient Dignity in Healthcare

Managing Nonadherent and Difficult Patients

Preventing Security Breaches With Technology-Based Safeguards

Preventing Security Breaches With Physical Safeguards

Financial Management Tips for Chiropractors

What to Expect from a Chiropractic Malpractice Claim

Changing Malpractice Insurance Carriers: A Comprehensive Guide

Chiropractic Billing and Coding Tips

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Advisory Board Articles

Learn how to navigate situations in your practice with these insights from our advisory board.

Chiropractic Cash Practice Pros and Cons

Password Security Best Practices for Chiropractic Practices

What to Know Before Starting a Chiropractic Associateship

Changes Are Coming to the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Are You Prepared?

The 3 Most Common Issues when Reporting CPT Codes

Promoting Patient Dignity in Healthcare

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