Malpractice insurance that’s all about you.

Your job as a chiropractor has unique risks and challenges. ChiroPreferred, backed by MedPro Group, helps keep you safe with the industry’s leading chiropractic malpractice insurance.

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Our mission at ChiroPreferred is to make your life a little easier, with the nation’s leading malpractice protection.

Built for you.

Everything we do is with you in mind.

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We’re the industry’s leading malpractice insurance program. Protect your first year in practice for just $50.

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We help you avoid claims. Get daily support for you and your practice with our free risk tools and on-call experts.

Protection for your good name.

Known throughout the industry for an unmatched claims defense record, MedPro will be in your corner (fighting) when it matters most.

With you every step of the way.

From chiropractic school through retirement, you’re covered.

ChiroPreferred takes the time to understand the chiropractic profession. They know that the best way to provide comprehensive coverage to chiropractors is to continue to learn from the changes in our evolving profession, which is a huge benefit.


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