You may be able to save on your malpractice insurance.

From a $50 first-year malpractice insurance policy from the industry’s leading carrier to generous premium credits, we help chiropractors save on their annual costs in a variety of ways.

Chiropractors may be eligible for a risk management, part-time, new-to-practice, loss free, and/or new-to-company credit that can reduce their insurance premium.

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With ChiroPreferred, here’s what your comprehensive,
industry-leading coverage includes.

  • Industry-leading coverage
    You’ll get flexible coverage options, like Occurrence, that other companies don’t offer.
  • More control during the claims process
    You have the right to refuse to settle a claim, thanks to a pure consent policy provision.
  • Extra dollars for claims defense
    Defense costs are paid without using your policy limits, leaving more dollars to protect your good name.
  • Coverage into retirement
    You’ll get free tail coverage when you retire, regardless of your age.
  • Discounts for practicing safely
    Get annual premium discounts for taking CE courses and avoiding claims.
  • Coverage for an increasingly digital world
    Cyber liability coverage helps you manage your digital risk.
  • $50 first-year policy
    Protect your first year of practice with comprehensive, affordable coverage.

The coverage chiropractors trust.

ChiroPreferred is a liability insurance program from MedPro Group designed exclusively for chiropractors. We offer you the reliability you expect—and need—for your malpractice insurance.